Work In Progress Show

"There’s something creepy about what you're doing. So, keep doing it." 

My design process has been about trying to figure out what mode of design had the largest impact. In previous weeks, I have dabbled in videos, object-making, created a  fictional organization, and lasercut pendants. The choice to put my project in the so-called “twitter-verse” allowed me to really test the efficacy of my projects. This is when failure becomes a reality in the form of re-tweets, follows, and favorites. I thought that the next logical (illogical?) step to manually responding to tweets was to set up a system where I can have the computer send out pre-written, generated messages. However, from small percentage of responses that I received, it didn’t do much to move beyond the one liner. 

The second idea, The Random Event Generator, looked at the more practical, potential applications for Quantum Physics (beyond multi-verse theories). I had set up a camera that could detect color in the physical objects that pass through the camera. It would then distill that information down to a 1 or 0. This process did not rightly convey a “true randomness”. I had discussed the idea of a coin toss in an earlier meeting with Tim, and will go back to that process of translating truly random quantum effects that occur in physical objects. 

The question still stands, how do I move beyond the one liner, to perhaps create this other world or platform without going into, say, Sims territory by re-creating role-playing games. Some of the feedback provided suggested that I combine the two projects. Moving forward, I do not want to lose the public engagement aspect. I feel that it is an important and necessary step to gauge the success or failure of a project. The real-time feedback allows for quick adjustments to improve or to re-think the project entirely.