Week 2: Meditations

After the initial thesis gateway, I spent the summer absorbing as many readings, talks, blogs, thoughts, and insights (and sometimes jokes) about everything and anything related to Quantum Theory. The process was overwhelming and I often found myself feverishly taking notes in order to understand the physics.

At the end of summer, I amassed a large amount of notes paraphrasing and rephrasing what I had absorbed but found myself frustrated with my jottings. Expressing my frustration to a colleague, they shared with me their process of how they meditate on a subject they were researching. "Every time you read or see something interesting, stop for a moment and give yourself a few minutes to just sketch, draw, or doodle." 

"Duh." That seemed so obvious but I hadn't thought of doing it myself before. Since then I've been allowing myself to meditate on the subject of Quantum Theory, exploring the gap between the hard facts and my obsession with them.